21 de março de 2010

Sunshine, this one is for you!

Beloved Twin,

Today is a very special day in your life, I mean, in our life, because today is also my day! xD
I’m writing this letter in a language that plays an important part in our lives and I know you’ll be correcting every single mistake that I make while you’re reading this because that’s what you’ve been doing for me lately and I appreciate it a lot. But movin’on. There are many things you’ve said to me, many subjects we’ve discussed, but there’s one thing I’ll always remember “Oh honey, of course you can”. Do you remember? That really meant a lot to me and made feel good, it made me feel safe. It’s hard to explain why we care about someone, we just do. And I care for you. So that’s why I’m sitting in my sofa writing this on my laptop and cryin’a little bit. It’s because I care for you and I want to say “Happy Birthday”!

Truly yours,
The Good Twin! ^^
P.S.: Lil’ Sunshine says “Happy Birthday” too!

2 comentários:

  1. Beloved Twin,

    U know I don't have a heart...and that I don't cry easily, but right now, while reading this, I actually shed a tear! U have no idea how I feel knowing that I'm important and that I matter to u. I'll always be here to give u a hug or a safe place if u need it(or even if u don't need it x)). Thank u so much for this letter...it meant a lot to me!

    Luving u much,
    The Evil Twin ^^

    P.S: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U!!!!!!!!!